Online vs. Offline Advertising

How many people looked at your print add last week? Do you know? I Don’t think you do. I don’t think anyone could tell you exactly. But, how many people clicked on your Facebook link, or watched your YouTube video? I know you’ll be able to tell me that.

Does your online advertising budget match your offline one? No, thought not. Even though through correct analysis you can discover your online adds ROI (return on investment) you still undervalue what online advertising is worth.

If your weekly 12×3 in the local rag costs you £100, how many sales are generated from it? What’s your ROI? Do you ask every customer what there journey was to you or where they found out about you?

After some mind filling training last week, I’ve been shown examples of national firms, using targeted local advertising that achieved a CPC (cost per conversion) of a couple of quid. That’s the equivalent of 50 people buying products featured in your print add. Do you get that many customers each week from your advertisement?

You might think, online advertising is expensive, or that it’s like pouring money down the drain. Even worse still, you may have tried sticking a couple of quid on your adwords or facebook advertising account to see how it went. Don’t get me wrong, these tools are built for the every day Joe – they’re easy to use and straight forward to set up. Are you getting the most from your online advertising though? 

To get the best ROI from your online marketing, maybe you should be commissioning an expert in that field *ahem, us* rather than taking the DIY approach. Would you record your own radio advert? By using an expert your can deeply target your adds, get a higher ranking on search results pages and create engaging video adverts for YouTube.

To give you an example. You are a plumber operating an emergency call out service. You maybe charge £150-£200 for an after midnight call. If Jane at number 23 used google to find a local emergency plumber at 1am to deal with a leaky pipe, she’d just want a number to get the leak fixed. Ensuring you are in that number 1 spot might be the difference between £150 and nothing that evening. If you’ve only paid less than a fiver to get there – even better! 

If you want to expand your reach on online platforms, get in touch.