The back story...

Mike, our founder is what we like to call an ideas guy. He has ideas for the strangest things at the most strange times. He will ponder and think about them for days, weeks or even months ironing out, what could be perceived, as issues – as someone that comes up with business concepts more regularly than most, he’s spent a fair amount of time getting businesses off the ground. That includes doing all the day to day, contacting phone providers, buying a domain name, setting up a website, talking to designers for business cards, van sign wrapping and even to the extent of sorting trade show stands. We think, that one day he must have just snapped, and decided there must be an easier way… and just like that, nibl was born!

Meet Mike...

Mike started his working life as an IT Manager working for local government. He successfully designed, built and maintained a network of over 500 computers, 80 telephones, CCTV, photocopiers, door access, fire and intruder alarms over miles of copper and fibre network cable during his 12 year stay.

From there he was promoted to Estates Manager, a role that included his previous IT one, but combined it with the management of 32 acres of land & buildings. He became responsible for groundskeeping, maintenance, building development, insurance, and the sites restaurant/cafe facilities. The direct management of staff increased from 3 to 43! His final act before moving on to pastures new, was building a £2.2 million sports centre, and opening the gym and facilities for public use as a sudo business.

Whilst undertaking all that, Mike successfully ran 2 businesses, one specialising in events such as team building and corporate hospitality, and the other – a live music venue. The music venue attracting notable artists such as Big Country, Skindred, Duff McKagan, Ugly Kid Joe, Thomas Ian Nicholas & many more, it also received awards from industry magazines, and a well known drinks brand for best use of social media.

From here, Mike joined a design agency as their web manager, before deciding to focus on his ideas and businesses full time.

Since then, Mike has successfully launched 2 more business, one being an online only retailer and the other providing project management services. He enjoys being hands on as the directors life isn’t for him, as he’s still out on the road, meeting clients and getting his hands dirty when needed.

In the last few years, Mike has had the opportunity to work with some great companies, including Twitter, National Geographic, Hyde Park’s Winter Wonderland and many more. He’s now decided than rather working for big corporations, he should be working with new businesses passing his skills and knowledge on to future entrepreneurs. 

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Plumbers keep the water flowing, they're not the best at marketing.
Mechanics can fix a car, but necessarily can't fix a broken printer
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